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  •     Send electrical appliance co., LTD., established in yiyang city name2008Years,Mainly produces a variety of national standard specifications of the lamp holder,The variety is complete,Distribution,Factory direct sales,Price concessions,Quality assurance!On the basis of the original soldering lamp holder,Constantly develop new type

    Environmental protection welding lamp holder。Recently introduced new free weldingB22The oval rivet environmental protection lamp holder,Are favored by lighting industry both at home and abroad and promotion!Sales department is located in guzhen town of zhongshan city。
        Yiyang name sent electric appliance co., LTD. With integrity·Strength and product quality for the lighting industry recognition,Welcome friends from all walks of life come to send the lamp holder to visit·Guidance and business negotiation!
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Yiyang name send electrical appliance co., LTD

Contacts:Jing-min CAI
Hand  Machine:18807607557/13790731189
Seat  Machine:0760-87837507
Pass  The true:0760-87837507
Net  The address:www.enxiuwang.cn

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